Saintonge is in the middle of the Charente-Maritime

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The SAINTONGE is the part of the Charente-Maritime department located between the Charente river and the Gironde and which extends to the ANGOUMOIS. A very famous region known for its Romanesque churches of XII th, its fortifications of Vauban, its sites Gallo-Roman, its seafoods, oysters , wines, pineau, cognac and its sunny springs summer and fall.

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The citadel XVIIth century fortress


The extraction of free-stones

The square dip nets


The medieval castle of NIEUL-les-Saintes

DIAPORAMA: The 'Bugée'

The 'Bugée' at Panloy castle

DIAPORAMA: The windmill of Plataine at BOURCEFRANC

The windmill of Plataine

DIAPORAMA: Fort Louvois


Acces aux DIAPORAMA: The ZOO of 'la Palmyre'

The ZOO of 'la Palmyre'



Lantern of the deceased

oysters's store houses

Oysters' hut

The fisheries of Oléron.

How to travel to Saintonge

The official website of Charente-maritime

The official website listing tourist Offices in Charente maritime


Romanesque Art

in Saintonge

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The capitals talks to you ! Or at least they try, but I'm sorry let's improve your French !

Our churches although in very small villages are beautiful and require more than one rapid glance. You, who pass by there, take your time, provide with field-glasses for better appreciating the splendid chevet such as the ones of : Mornac, Vaud, Rioux, Retaud or Echillais. Climb at sun-set some west-front such as :Corme-écluse, Thaims , L'Abbaye-aux-Dames , Le Douhet or Nieul-les-Saintes. Ask the key near the Town-hall or a villager if you are locked up outside and discover all these 'chefs d'ouvre'. Open your eyes, so you will discover the bénédictines advertising of the centuries XI and XII th and in order to help you for a better understanding them we humbly tried their to give again the sens that they deserved originally. Unfortunately I am not enough familiar with the Shakespeare language ! so improve your French with this opportunity!

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A glossary of Romanesque symbols, about the 'acrobats' and 'sea-maid'... & a lot of Romanesque churches ...

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Books about the SAINTONGE

In English: Wonderful CHARENTE-MARITIME by Christian Gensbeitel and Marlyse Ortiz_ Editions Ouest-France